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Common Low Slope Roofing Mistakes

If you have slow slope roofing on your home, garage, outbuilding, or commercial building, there are many issues you can avoid by learning from these mistakes. You want your roof to last as long as possible and endure Michigan winters and changing weather.

Mid-Michigan Roofing companies like Weather Vane know the ins and outs of maintaining flat roofs.

Here are six common low slope roofing mistakes to avoid.

1. Poor Drainage

Proper drainage is essential for low slope roofing but unfortunately, can be the number one cause of failure (leaks). With a flat or low-slope roof, pooling water and debris can cause long-term water damage. to keep your roof free of pooling water and the accumulation of dirt and debris. Poor drainage and pooling water can also dissolve roofing adhesives, allowing moisture to infiltrate your building.

water and debris piling up on a low slope roofing

2. Using Low-Quality or Incorrect Materials

It is important to use materials that will protect your building when water does pool – which it will – even briefly – with low sloped roofs. It must be able to withstand exposure, freezing and thawing, and the weight of snow.

snow piling up on a low slope roofing

3. Probe the Seams Throughout the Project

A “probe” is a roofing tool that tests the welded seams of your roof. Use it often during your roofing project to check the seams for gaps. Don’t wait until the end. Check as you go. If gaps are overlooked, they can cause damage over time.

low slope roofing

4. Improper Repairs

You’ve invested a lot of money in a new roof system, but small repairs are bound to happen throughout the years. Be sure to utilize a high-quality Lansing roofing contractor with experience and manufacturer approval so that warrantable repairs are made. Incorrect products or improper repairs can actually cause more harm than good to a new roof system.

5. Regular Maintenance & Roof Checks

Many homeowners expect a newer roof system to never have any problems or leaks. However, roofs are exposed to weather conditions and other factors. If you catch a problem early and can fix it, you can extend the life of your roof tremendously. Set up annual assessments and regularly scheduled preventative maintenance calls with your roofing contractor.

6. Not Cleaning the Membrane

Clean the membrane before you do any repairs to your roof. When bonding new patches, flashing, or new membrane to the original field membrane, it must be as clean as possible for a long-term seal. Older membranes are a lot harder to repair as it deteriorates over time.

PRO TIP: T-joint patches must be placed and appropriately welded throughout the roofing system to prevent leaks.

Low Slope Roofing: The Wrap Up

Low slope and flat roofs require proper maintenance and attention to detail. So often, the biggest problems we encounter were created by the previous roof installers. If the home owner did the job, or hired an inexperienced contractor you may have more problems then you realize. Weather Vane Roofing in Lansing, Owosso, Howell, and Brighton can give you a FREE estimate.

We approach every job with a “fix first” approach and will provide you options for repairing the roof if you do not need a new roof at this time.

Learn more about our Roof Repairs and Replacement Services.

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