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Cutting-Edge Ways To Make Your Roof More Energy-Efficient

Lower Your Bills With an Energy-Efficient Roof

We have some pretty extreme cold and hot weather here in the Midwest. Luckily, neither one lasts too long. We always know the metamorphosis of a season is coming soon. On its heels comes a scorching heat bill or a shocking air conditioning bill. Not to worry – here are three ways you can improve the energy efficiency of your roof. You may even enjoy your reduced energy bills more than the first joyous signs of spring.

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How To Make Your Roof More Energy-Efficient

Proper Attic Insulation

blown-in insulation

Your attic acts as a protective barrier between your home and the elements outside, having the right amount of insulation is essential. If your attic doesn’t have enough insulation, your heating and cooling systems often have to work harder to keep your home comfortable year-round. Proper insulation is a relatively simple and inexpensive way to make your roof more energy-efficient. 

We specialize in both blown-in cellulose and blown-in fiberglass insulation for Michigan homes.

Cool Roof Coating

It may be a no-no to wear white after Labor Day (is that still a thing?) but your home will be cozy all year. A qualified roofer can apply cool roof coating, also known as cool roof paint, to better reflect the sun. This keeps buildings cooler on the inside and helps reduce energy bills. It can also increase UV and waterproofing protection and extending the life of your roof.

Energy-Efficient Roofing Materials

energy efficient

When it comes time to replace your roof be sure to explore all of your energy-efficient material options. Weather Vane can conduct a FREE roof inspection and provide a detailed description of your energy-efficient options based on your roofing needs.

Homeowners are beginning to see asphalt shingles as “disposable” roofing and are moving toward longer-lasting materials, solar panels, and other high-value eco-friendly options. There continue to be new and better products on the market all the time. We are committed to researching products, getting trained, and installing the best and most modern roofing materials and styles for our clients. Learn more.

Please note: Proper installation is crucial to maximizing the benefits of energy efficient roofing technology. Contact a roofing contractor with experience in the materials you are considering. We can go over the pros and cons of each one, rebates and warranties, and any other questions you may have.

About Weather Vane Roofing

We provide roofing, siding, insulation, windows, and gutters. Making your house beautiful and efficient is our main goal. We use the latest in technology and products to provide eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions for your home and business. With locations in Lansing, Owosso, and Brighton/Howell we are Mid-Michigan’s roofing experts. Let us transform your house into a home.

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