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How to Fix a Leaking Skylight

Skylights are a beautiful way to add light to a room and open up a space. But a leaking skylight isn’t so beautiful. This is any homeowner’s biggest concern when considering adding a skylight. Here are some troubleshooting guidelines if you have a leaking skylight.

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My Skylight is Leaking. What Should I do?

#1. Reduce Skylight Condensation

Just like any window, a skylight can create condensation on the inside, especially when it is cold outside and warm inside.

Solution: The first step is to create the best conditions so that condensation isn’t likely to form in the first place. Make sure you do the following:

  • Run your internal exhaust fans more frequently to move the warm air outside.
  • Check to be sure your bathroom fans, dryer, gas appliances, and any other exhaust fans you have are venting properly.
  • Clean fans and vents regularly.
  • Open window blinds and shades so the warm air inside can circulate around your windows.

#2. Fix Skylight Condensation

If you have done everything above to reduce the condensation and are still getting drips, it’s time to do some fixing.

  • Look for small gaps around the outer panels of the skylight. Make sure your skylight is fitted and fully insulated for your property.
  • Use silicone caulk to cover any cracks or holes in the skylight joints or corners.
  • On the outside (be carful on your roof!) remove any dirt, leaves and any other debris around the edges (flashing) of your skylight.
  • Make sure the weather stripping is in good condition, and replace it if needs it.
  • Do these things annually to keep your skylights free from condensation for a long time.

If you want help maintaining your skylights and are uncomfortable getting on your roof call Weather Vane Roofing.

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If the above suggestions don’t help and you have leaking skylights, you should contact a roofing specialist. Weather Vane Roofing can give you a free evaluation and estimate for what needs to be done to fix the problem.

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