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How to Hang Christmas Lights on a Metal Roof

It’s finally that time of year when you start to see Christmas lights decorating homes, trees, and other buildings in your neighborhood. You’ve been waiting all year to get that warm feeling inside as you walk down the street seeing everyone else happy. But there is one problem, your home has a metal roof! All this joy will be lost if you can’t figure out how to hang those lights on it without damaging it or getting electrocuted. It’s not an easy task, but don’t worry, we are here to help with our guide on how to hang Christmas lights on a metal roof.

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Our Guide To Hanging Christmas Lights on a Metal Roof

If you haven’t thought about this yet – your metal roof is actually easy to hand stuff on than a traditional shingle roof for one major reason – MAGNETS! MAGNETS! It’s so easy you’ll wish you had thought of it.

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Use magnetic clips or hooks for hanging strings of lights

Decorating is easy when all you have to do for hanging your lights is attach a few magnets and secure them on the roof. You can use either individual clips that will go behind each light, or hooks so they hang with metal sheets in between. These are strong enough to withstand most weather conditions but still manageable enough to take down after winter ends!

Use LEDs and a timer to save energy 

Holiday lights are beautiful to look at but can be expensive to leave on all night. Minimize your energy usage by The beauty of holiday lights is undeniable, but leaving them on all night can be expensive. Why not minimize your energy usage? Invest in more efficient LED bulbs and set up a programmable timer for when you want them off- automatically!

Use the buddy system

Before you start decorating, make sure that someone can help watch out for any potential dangers. It’s estimated 15,000 people are injured in falls while putting up these types of items every year- many from ladders accidents -so it’s important to keep an eye on things or have another person nearby at all times during construction/decorations for safety reasons I always recommend having somebody else around if possible while working on scaffolding.

Inspect all outlets and wires

Before you even begin decorating, inspect all light strings and bulbs for any damage that might cause problems. Make sure your outdoor electrical sockets are safe by keeping them away from overhanging power lines or other objects in the area so they don’t get short-circuited when used during a storm!

Wrapping it all up with a bow

Hanging Christmas lights on a metal roof is tricky, but it’s not impossible. Follow our helpful guide to make sure you do everything right and avoid the following common mistakes that people often make when trying to hang their icicle lights. Don’t forget your ladder or step stool! With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to conquer any metal roof with ease this holiday season.

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