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How to Hang Christmas Lights on a Shingle Roof

It’s time again to hang Christmas lights on your shingle roof. Welcome to the season of untangling, tests, and getting out ladders to make you home festive and bright! We’ve got all the tips you’ll need to turn your house into a sugarplum dream while keeping your roof safe and whole. This is also known as No Staple Guns!

There are a number of safe and effective options for hanging Christmas lights on your shingle roof and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Our Guide to Hanging Christmas Lights on a Shingle Roof

Hang Christmas lights on shingle roof

Christmas Lights for Your Shingle Roof

Incandesent Christmas Lights are cheaper than LEDs upfront, but you pay later in higher energy costs. Also, because they generate so much heat they can be a fire hazard. You’ll only be able to string three to six strings together on one outlet, again because they draw more power than LED lights. Incandescent are usually brighter and often have a warmer feel. Some people just love the traditional look of old school lights too much to do anything else.

LED Christmas Lights use less energy and you’ll be able to string more lights on a single outlet. If you’re doing a big Christmas display this can be a real advantage since outdoor outlets are often scarce. You could have as many as 25 LED strings on just one outlet, depending on your house and the kinds of lights you’re using. That’s a lot of bling! We suggest buying your LED Christmas lights all at once to make sure they all have the same quality of light. Some are warmer or cooler than others and sometimes that changes from year to year even within the same manufacturer’s products.

Battery Operated Christmas Lights are an option for areas where there’s no outlet nearby. Look for a string that includes a weatherproof battery box. It’s very important to keep the batteries dry and out of the elements. You might consider investing in rechargeable batteries unless you’re planning to buy AA batteries in bulk.

Christmas Light Clips for the Edge of the Roof and for Gutters

Christmas light clips are a great way to hang Christmas lights on a shingle roof. The can slip over your gutter and you can hang lights from them there, or you can clip them directly on your roof. They come in two sizes, C7 for smaller lights and C9 for larger lightbulb sizes. Icicle lights also work with these clips. Place the lightbulb in the clip and then attach the clip to your roof. When you take them down again, you can remove the clip and light from the roof while leaving the clip attached to the light so that next year you can just clip it all back in place.

Christmas Light Shingle Tabs for the Edge of Your Shingle Roof

Shingle tabs are a neat little plastic gadget that can make hanging lights easy and won’t damage your roof. The just slide underneath the edge of your shingles. In places where light clips won’t work there’s still a way to decorate. Again they come in two sizes, depending on the size lights you’re using. Small twinkle lights need the C7 size. The larger bulbs will need the C9 size. Place one light in each tab, and then slide the tabs under the roofing shingles making sure they’re securely placed. When the lights are ready to come down, just slide it back out and store the string of lights with clips still attached for easier work next year.

Hang Christmas lights on shingle roof

Make it Merry with a Buddy

Alright. you’ve got your clips, your ladder, and your lights. (which you tested first, right?) You’re almost ready to hang lights. You just need a buddy to make sure you’re safe and that your ladder will stay in position. Christmas lights are all about holiday cheer, it’s better and safer to share the joy. Afterward you can warm up inside with some cookies and your favorite Christmas movie for some extra holiday cheer.

Taking Your Christmas Lights Down Afterward

Don’t just pull the string down. You could easily damage your roof or even pull your gutter off. Take down your lights the same way you put them up, again making sure you have a buddy to help. Some people manage to put their Christmas lights back in the same box they came from, I’m never that cool. I do recommend getting large plastic zip bags and putting each string in their own bag for storage. That way, next year you won’t come back to the horrible tangled light monster.

Hang Christmas lights on shingle roof

Wrapping it Up

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