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Ice Dams to Damage: Is Leaking Heat Ruining Your Roof?

While you’re bumping your thermostat up to cozy degrees, some of that heat could be escaping and causing problems for your roof.

Ice dams ice damsoccur when warm air escapes from your attic and melts sections of ice on your roof. As this melted ice runs down to colder sections of your roof or to blocked gutters, it refreezes and builds up, causing ice dams that can lead to roof damage. 

Leaky insulation and clogged gutters can become just part of the issue when ice dams form, grow, and place additional stress on your roof. Ice can weigh nearly 60 pounds per square foot, which is weight your roof wasn’t built to handle. Thankfully the Weather Vane team can help you remove that worrisome weight, and help you to prevent ice dams altogether. 

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How to Prevent Ice Dams

There are two key parts to preventing ice dams. The first is proper insulation. A properly insulated attic shouldn’t leak heat, which eliminates the key cause of ice dams. Your attic can even be sealed with insulation made from recyclable materials that don’t contain fiberglass. 

The second is ventilation, which is the movement of air in the attic and has a direct impact on the heat loss that escapes into the attic. 

Weather Vane experts exclusively use blown-in insulation, which provides a more energy-efficient seal, and can be done with magical ease. 

Treating Existing Ice Dams

Treating existing ice dams can be a bit more tricky. In order to avoid ice build-up, it is necessary to scrape ice and snow off your roof after a ice damsbig storm. While this process can eliminate existing ice dams, and help prevent new ones from forming, it is a temporary fix and can be dangerous if not done properly. Weather Vane Experts can make this pesky problem go away by safely chiseling the ice off your roof, then diagnosing what areas might benefit from an insulation update. 

The safest way to ensure heavy hunks of ice aren’t smothering your shingles is to properly insulate your attic. This will not only prevent ice dams from forming, but it will keep your house at a cozy temperature and save you money on heating. Weather Vane Roofing can remove those roof glaciers with a snap of their fingers, and insulate your attic with air-blown ease.

The Big Reveal 

Get the weight of the world off your shoulders, and your roof, and ensure your heat stays in your home with help from Weather Vane Roofing’s efficient and green insulation installation. We provide FREE estimates and affordable solutions. Always the right direction! 

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