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New Roofing Technology Improves the Customer Experience

Check out the latest cutting edge technology in the roofing industry. Weather Vane is using it all! We get to roof and play with cool toys all day. This is the best job.

There is a lot more going on in the roofing industry than a bunch of guys banging hammers and slapping on shingles. The following is a list of things we use every day to make your roofing experience enjoyable and easy.

NOTE: During these uncertain times with Coronavirus, these tools allow us to evaluate your roof, provide estimates, complete the work and conduct transactions, all virtually and in a safe a manner. We are considered “essential workers” because maintaining your home all year round is important to your safety and wellbeing. We are available for emergency calls as well as helping you plan and schedule your improvement projects.

New Roofing Technology

GoPros: Video Inside

Do you have an attic leak? Need your insulation updated? Got mold and mildew? Our techs strap on GoPro cameras and crawl through your attic so you don’t have to. They come out with a video so you can see exactly what is going and what the problem is.

We also use these, along with drones, to assess roofing concerns on the outside of your home.

Drones: Video Outside

Have you ever seen your house from a bird’s eye view? You can use Google Earth and we use our drones. All of us here a Weather Vane Roofing have our drone pilot’s license. Pretty cool, huh?

We fly over your house and inspect every aspect of your roof so we can show you what we see. Together, we will make the right decision on how to repair your roof. We may need to replace it, but we always talk about fixing it first.

Equipter: No Mess Roof

We have pretty good aim from the top of a roof, but we’d rather not take any chances with your yard and landscaping. The Equipter allows us to raise a dumpster up to the height of your roof so all the tear-off goes right in the bucket every time. You won’t find nails and pieces of shingle in your bushes and yard when we are done. It will be like we were never there–as it should be!

Hover: Transform Your House Instantly

Hover is a 3D visualizer program so you can play around with how the outside of your house looks. We take about 8 pictures of the exterior of you home and input them into our program. This provides you with a 3D image of our home. From there you can change the roof color and material, choose siding, repaint your front door, etc. If only the actual work were that easy!

All of the major product suppliers are in the system so you can choose from your favorite paint brands and more.

This is a great way to entertain yourself for hours and for us to understand the vision you have for your home.

Roofing Technology: The Wrap Up

Whether you have a problem with your roof, need an insulation upgrade, want to see your attic, or recreate your home’s facade, we have all the fun tools to help you turn a house into a home. We’d love to discuss all the possibilities with you.

About Weather Vane Roofing

We provide roofing, siding, insulation, windows and gutters. Making your house beautiful and efficient is our main goal. We use the latest in technology and products to provide eco-friendly and cost effective solutions for your home and business. With locations in Lansing, Owosso, and Brighton/Howell we are Mid-Michigan’s roofing experts. Let us transform your house into a home.

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