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How water is moved off of the roof and where we place the water is the most important feature of any gutter system. Each Weather Vane Gutter system is designed specifically for your property in mind. We take into account the volume of water going into each gutter and each downspout and recommend a proper gutter size and downspout capacity. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of overflow during even the worst rainstorms.

Weathervane Gutter Systems


Weather Vane Gutters are coated on both sides. The outside is painted with Beautiful Duracoat XT-20 Baked-on Polyester over a prime coating and the inside is coated with a clear coating to reduce friction and help your gutter system stay flowing.

Weather Vane Gutters are made from the thickest strongest aluminum available for a residential gutters system. The .032 thick gutter will better withstand the abuse that gutters go through from thermal expansion, ladders for routine maintenance, or painting or hanging seasonal decorations.



We offer a variety of Leaf Protection Gutters, depending on your needs. Micro Mesh products help you protect from large leaves and debris, Rooster Gutter Guards help you protect your roof from small debris, pine needles and seed pods, and our Leaf solution gutters protect from tiny debris, cottonwood and pine needles.

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Weather Vane Roofing will go above and beyond to ensure that the water coming out of your gutter system is moving away from your foundation. We have many options for getting the water to where you need it or even collect some of it for future use.

  • Downspout extensions are the most common way to get water away from your home's foundation.
  • Chain Downspouts can be put in places where regular downspouts can not be attached to a wall. These add some flare to a porch or garden area.
  • Underground drains can be a great way to move water away from your home in areas where a typical extension is bothersome or not practical.
  • A Rain barrel can be used to harvest water to be used later. Each rain barrel has an overflow valve so when your barrel is full we can direct the excess water drawn from your home.


Quality siding can transform your curb appeal! View some of our recent siding installations by clicking on any image below.


your home, your way

Want to see it before you commit to making a decision? Weathervane Roofing is pushing the future with advanced AR technology to help you try before you buy.

Simply take a few photos and we’ll generate a 3D model of your house BEFORE you have to make a commitment to a specific roofing or siding project. Get in touch to learn more.

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Weather Vane Roofing Exclusive Risk-Free Guarantees

Weather Vane Roofing offers exclusive risk-free guarantees for most of the work we do.
On complete roofing and siding jobs receive a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.
Smaller jabs may have as much as a 10-year workmanship guarantee.

A revolutionary offer from Weather Vane Roofing on most Roofing Repairs:

If you decide to replace your roof within one year of this repair we will deduct the price of this repair, up to $1,000, from the price of your new, Weather Vane Roofing installed, roofing system.
Check with your estimator for the exact guarantees we can offer for your project.


A gutter system can prevnet water infiltration into your basement, foundation, or concrete slab.  A gutter system can also keep moisture off the exterior of your home which could cause damage or pre-mature failure.  Having a professional gutter contractor inspect your property would be recommended.

Typically a standard 5” gutter system is adequate for a residential home. Making sure the size of your downspouts matches up to the square footage of your roof is essential. Using the wrong size downspouts can lead to clogged gutters, and overflows during heavy rains.

Yes, all our aluminum gutter systems are seamless.

No, However if a gutter is clogged with debris and cannot drain then an ice damn can worsen or take longer to dissapate. Typically ice dams are caused by insufficient insulation and or ventilation of the roofing system.

Yes, we can tie your downspouts into drain tiles, or set them up to a water collection system, or rain barel.

Yes, we offer a variety of gutter protection systems and we try to match up the best product to the kind of vegetation you are dealing with.

There are over 40 differnt colors of aluminum available and we can usually match your downspouts to your siding for a cleaner look.

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