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Roofing Questions…You Asked, We Answered

Homeowners and roofing questions go hand in hand.

The roof is one of the most important aspects of your home. It keeps you dry and protects your belongings and your home.  Its aesthetics also determine your home’s curbside appeal

Here are some of the most common roofing questions we get and our answers.

What to do when water comes in?

Grab the buckets and towels!

And then call Weather Vane Roofing! We will come out, assess the problem and come up with a solution to fix the problem. Sometimes there will be more than one option. At Weather Vane, we ALWAYS take a repair-first approach rather than replacing a whole roof.  We want what’s best for you, our customers!

What’s the best time to replace my roof?

NOT when you need it most!   

The absolute best time to replace your roof is NOT when you are in “we need it now” mode. It’s during a non-emergency time. You will be able to make choices and selections in a non-rushed manner.

There are several months in Michigan that give ample opportunity to replace roofs. Of course, the winter is the worst time as ice and snow may have taken up residence atop your house. Spring, as the rainy season, is not the BEST time. Keeping water from rainfall out requires tarps and it will take longer due to rain delays. Summer heat can be sweltering. Having your roof replaced at this time may have a small effect on keeping your house cool.  

No matter what season or situation,  we are equipped and prepared to do whatever job you need doing, whenever you need it!  

How much does a new roof cost? 

There’s no magical number!

That totally depends! There are so many factors to consider, such as:

  • size of your roof
  • material being used
  • repairs that may need to be done to the underlayment before we can lay the roof

Guessing games are not in our bag of tricks so we will come out to your house, make an assessment and come up with a plan and cost estimate.

Cost also depends on the type of materials being used.

  • Asphalt – Weather Vane Roofing provides choices to suit all budgets. Whether you choose economy, standard, or premium asphalt shingles from Atlas. You can check them out here.
  • Steel roofing – While it may cost a little more to install when compared with other roofing types, the initial investment in steel roofing usually pays for itself over the years. Weather Vane Roofing offers many types of steel roofing in Michigan, including painted, standing seam, vertical seam, snow retention, and granulated steel, which mimics the appearance of shingles but still offers the durability of steel.
  • Rubber shingles – We use Euroshield® Rubber shingles here at Weather Vane Roofing. They are 95% recycled tire rubber, a revolutionary way to get a higher-end look for less than the cost of the real thing!  

How long should my roof last?

50 years? Yes, it COULD!

Now, this is not for your typical roof, but this possibility does exist.

Typically, an asphalt roof will last about 20 – 25 years. Varying on things such as location, sun exposure, and tree cover and debris.  

There are ways to extend the life of an asphalt roof by 5-7 years with a product we offer called RoofMax.  You can read more about it here.

Here’s where the numbers reach the 50-year mark.

Steel roofing can last up to 50 years and a rubber roof can last more than 50 years! 

Read more about steel roofing here.

Read more about rubber shingles on our website here.

 Will replacing my roof cause damage to my yard?

Oh, HELL NO! Not with Weather Vane Roofing!

A lot of people think it will and the truth is it could IF your roofing contractor is sloppy and doesn’t take care.

At Weather Vane Roofing, we’ve built a reputation for quality, integrity, and customer care that sets us apart from any other local roofing company. And we haven’t done that by ruining people’s yards!

Our roofing crews take care not to damage landscape and grass.

The magical difference in part is because we use the Equipter. This piece of equipment innovates debris removal with speed and efficiency. It makes it easier, cleaner and safer to take the debris away while minimizing potential damage to other areas of your property.

Read more about the Equipter here.

For answers to YOUR specific roofing questions, give us a call. We will evaluate your current situation and customize a course of action to best suit your needs!   

If you are considering a new roof or interested in knowing what lies under your shingles and how a new roof may improve the function or aesthetics of your home, give us a call, get a free quote and get on our schedule. 

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