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Weather Vane Roofing is here to help you protect your largest personal investment...your home.

We know a new roof is a big investment, so our "repair first" approach allows you to make the right investment decision for the right time. We're not going to sell you an expensive roof if you don't need one.

But, if you do need a new roof, we can help with that too. We've got lots of styles, options, and grades to meet any needs and the experience to guarantee it'll get done right.




Have you noticed peeling paint at or near your roofline? This could be an indication of poor ventilation and moisture issues.



Have you noticed stains on your ceiling or walls? There may be a leak in the roof. Small stains can quickly turn into more serious water damage if left unchecked.



Have you noticed curling shingles on your roof? That's a telltale sign it's time for a repair or replacement.



If you have sagging rafters in your attic, it could mean that you have a moisture leak somewhere in your roof.



If you have granuales in your gutters, that means shingles are drying out and losing UV protection. That may mean it's time for a new roof.



Are you finding parts of your shingles in yoru gutters or yard? Then it may be time for a new roof. 



A large number of roofing problems can be repaired to extend the life of your roof. Far too often, roofs are replaced before they need to be or before the homeowner is financially prepared for the investment. Our inspectors will provide a repair first approach to each issue of concern. They will always be fair and honest about the condition of your roof by reviewing with you any weak or failing areas that should be addressed. Furthermore, if a new roof is needed, we will provide an estimate for a full replacement or for budgeting for the future


Quality siding can transform your curb appeal! View some of our recent siding installations by clicking on any image below.


Weather Vane Roofing offers high-quality, high-performance roofing and siding products to our customers. Contact us to learn which ones might be right for you.

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Rubber Shingles

When it comes to sealing, few roofing materials can match rubber shingles, which are naturally waterproof and eco-friendly.

Asphault Shingles

Asphalt Shingles

Available in a wide array of colors and architectural styles, asphalt shingles provide a custom roofing solution like no other.

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Steel Roofing

With proven performance expectations up to 50 years, steel roofing is built to last.



If you think it's time for a roofing repair or replacement in the Lansing, Howell, and Owosso area....., please feel free to contact Weather Vane Roofing to set up a free assessment. One of our roof inspectors would be more than happy to come out to your home and have a look at your current roofing system. If it's time for a new roof, our roofing services earn the highest industry ratings, exceeding all industry standards in installation with a full guarantee from start to finish.

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Weather Vane Roofing Exclusive Risk-Free Guarantees

Weather Vane Roofing offers exclusive risk-free guarantees for most of the work we do.
On complete roofing and siding jobs receive a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.
Smaller jabs may have as much as a 10-year workmanship guarantee.

A revolutionary offer from Weather Vane Roofing on most Roofing Repairs:

If you decide to replace your roof within one year of this repair we will deduct the price of this repair, up to $1,000, from the price of your new, Weather Vane Roofing installed, roofing system.
Check with your estimator for the exact guarantees we can offer for your project.




Usually the first step is to determine how much life the shingles on your roof have left in them. Sometimes re-flashing a chimney or re-shingleing a valley can add another 5-15 years to your roofing system. Sometimes the shingles are so brittle and the fiberglass mat is exposed and a repair just isnt possible. Having a professional roof inspection done to determine which option is best for your home would be recommended.

No, this is a common misconception. While the steel panels may have a longer lifespan, the material and labor costs are approximately 3X greater than a quality asphalt shingle.


Metal roof warranties are basically written to cover the paint finish on the steel, and range from 10-45 years depending on the manufacturer.

Figuring out what is and is not included in a shingle warranty requires doing some homework as their are alot of smoke and mirrors written in small print. The typical asphalt shingle warranty covers the product completely for 10 years, and prorates out to 50years, or what is considered "lifetime". There are also better products on the market that have full warranties lasting 20 years or more. We would recommend discussing these options with a professional roofing contractor that offers various products to be sure you are not getting a one size fits all roofing system.

A roof replacement project typically takes 1-3 days depending on the size and difficulty of the home. Other factors like weather, material availability, crew size, and daylight hours could also impact the timeframe.

There are ways to "dry in" a house in the event that a surprise rain storm pops up. Roofers should be planning around any major weather concerns. Keeping water out of your home is our goal before, during and after any roof replacement project.

When necessary our installers use scaffolding, walk planks, fall protection, and proper roofing attire to stay safe. We are fully insured and take the safety of our people very seriously.

We do a number of things to protect your home during a roof replacement project. We use a "catch all" tarping system to protect your siding, windows, and landscaping from falling debris during the project. We also have roofing buggies that can lift up to the edge of some roofs to help catch debris before it ever hits the ground. Protecting your home and keeping your property clean during your project is of the utmost importance to our company.

The cost of a new roof varies drastically depending on the size, difficulty, and the product being installed. A good ballpark average would be between $8k and $15k for standard material and an average size home.

There are numerous ways to ventilate an attic space. Properly balancing intake and exhaust vents is a good start. Seeking advise of a professional roofing contractor would be the best advice.

Not really here in Michigan. We experience all 4 seasons here in Michgan and and battling the sun is not something that we do here all year. Once you move past white shingles there is not much of a difference between grey and brown, or black and tan.

Our contracts are written with an excact price per unit in the event we find damaged or rotten deck boards on you roof. It may be know that you have some damaged decking before your project begins, but we feel that only charging our customers for exactly what we need to replace is in their best interest.

That various throughout the year based on supply and demand, storms, and material availability. We typically do not schedule out any longer that 8 weeks, and offer discounts to our customers who are flexible with their installation timeframe.

That various from city to city, or township to township. We are certain to check all local codes and permit requirements in all municipalities within our coverage area.

Roof Repairs

You will almost certainly see a difference, even if you have the exact same shingles. Asphalt shingles fade some and can darken from algae growth. A slight discoloration is usually apparent.

Flashing replacements and shingle blow offs are the most common. Chimneys, rake walls, pipe boots, and fascia transitions at the bottom of a valley make up most of the problems that cause leaks in a roof.

We warranty all repairs for 1 year, which will get you through all 4 seasons. Repairs will typically last much longer than that, however if you are not happy with the repair, with in that 1st year, we offer a no risk guarantee that will allow you to apply the price of the repair tward a new Weather Vane Roofing full roof replacement. That is part of our no risk, repair first approach.

Usually between a couple hours and a full work day.

We warranty all repairs for 1 year, which will get you through all 4 seasons.

There are additional charges for damaged wood decking. We don't know what we don't know. So we prefer to wait and see what we find, then replace the decking as needed. All wood work costs are clearly laid out in our contract ahead of time.

Yes, we have many ways to try to slow down or stop a leak until we can get a more permanent solution scheduled. We can tarp, caulk, tar, or cover up most problems within a 24hr period in an emergency situation.

That varies based on supply and demand, but we typically can get to a repair within 4-6 weeks, and we always offer a temp solution to slow down the leak while you are waiting.

Yes, this is the premise of our Repair First Approach. We can repair almost any part of your roof. If that solution doesn't take care of your problem, we offer a no risk guarantee that will allow you to apply the price of the repair tward a new Weather Vane Roofing full roof replacement. That is part of our no risk, repair first approach.


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