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Experienced Roofing Contractors in Michigan

At Weather Vane Roofing, we’ve built a reputation for quality, integrity, and customer care that sets us apart from any other local roofing company. Our roofing consistently earns the highest ratings and exceeds all industry standards in installation. Whether you need a new roof or a roofing replacement, we want to be the roofing contractors you choose in the Lansing, Howell, Brighton, Owosso and Grand Haven area. We also install and repair siding, gutters, insulation, chimneys, windows, skylights, and even solar-powered roof vents for those looking to explore alternative sources for energy.

Farmhouse with shingle roof

From Roofing and Siding to Gutters and Installation


When properly installed and maintained, siding protects your home from the elements and helps you add more curb appeal. We specialize in vinyl siding and shaped shake and stone siding, both of which are renowned for their attractiveness and durability. You can’t go wrong with either popular siding choice!


Weather Vane Roofing is factory-trained and certified to install and repair many types of roofing, including flat, granulated and stamped steel, asphalt, and rubber. If you can’t decide which type of material would be best or if you’d like to learn about which types could help you improve your energy-efficiency, we’d be happy to make professional roofing recommendations. You can rest assured that we’ll never try to upsell you on a replacement roof if only a roofing repair is necessary.


Because your attic acts as a protective barrier between your home and the elements outside, having the right amount of insulation is important. We specialize in both blown-in cellulose and blown-in fiberglass insulation to ensure your heating and cooling systems don’t have to work as hard to keep your home comfortable year-round.

Chimney Repair

No matter how well you maintain your home’s chimney, wear-and-tear from harsh weather conditions is to be expected over the years. Your chimney may eventually see moisture damages requiring a chimney repair using a technique called tuckpointing or a complete chimney rebuild. When you call us, we’ll assess your chimney and honestly tell you whether or not you’ll need to rebuild it to prevent a lean or, worse yet, a complete collapse.


Many homeowners tend to take their gutters and downspouts for granted until they have a flood. Your gutters are responsible for guarding your home against water damages. When you need gutter repair and installation in Michigan, we’re experienced with many types of gutter systems, primarily seamless aluminum and copper gutters.


Miscellaneous Services

Weather Vane Roofing also provides installations and replacements for:

  • Windows
  • Skylights
  • Solar-powered roof vents

Request a Free Estimate for Our Many Services

Whether it’s time for a roof or chimney repair or you could use new insulation in your attic, Weather Vane Roofing welcomes the opportunity to be of service in the Lansing, Howell, Brighton, Owosso and Grand Haven area. Please contact us today to request more information and/or a free estimate. When you give us a call, you’re putting your project in the hands of people who care as much about our customers as we do about the quality of our work. We’re factory-trained and certified in installations to give our customers the best service possible.

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