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Should You Try Installing a Metal Roof?

No, you really shouldn’t try installing a metal roof. It’s tempting, I know. Doing it yourself is practically a moral obligation in some families. It’s rugged. It’s resilient. DIY is as American as apple pie.

Sometimes it’s just not worth it.

The Cost of Messing Up is Very High

One of the beautiful things about a metal roof is its longevity. A properly installed metal roof is sturdy and can last a lifetime. But that means if you mess up the installation, you’re messing it up for a very long time.

Metal roofing has a higher upfront cost than asphalt simply because it’s metal which is more costly. If you do install it incorrectly, those pieces of metal might not be salvageable. Mistakes can be costly in terms of materials as well as installation.

You could also void the warranty depending on the requirements, which means not only could you damage the roof, you might not even be able to get it fixed under the warranty if extreme weather causes damage in the future.

Installing a Metal Roof Needs Specialized Skills

You may have helped an uncle or a neighbor put a new asphalt shingle roof on their house, many people have. However, not many people have the specialized knowledge necessary to properly install a metal roof. YouTube videos just can’t replace hands-on knowledge of all the details.

Metal roofing has multiple layers to make it all work properly. There are underlayments, sealants, drip edge, rake edge, head and sidewall, valleys, ridges and hip caps, and flashings on transitions, base, and chimney. If you don’t have a solid knowledge of all the working parts, water may end up getting in and undoing all your hard work.

Installing a metal roofing involves specialized safety equipment

Along with the usual safety equipment for working on roofs like harnesses and scaffolding, working with sheet metal is its own hazard. There are special tools and training needed to make sure it’s done correctly and safely.

You’ve Got Other Things To Do

We are all experts in our own fields, with deep knowledge of the work we do. DIY projects are fulfilling exactly because they are different, unique in our lives, and because of that, interesting. It’s not the same old humdrum.

DIY projects are by their nature, a little slow, maybe a wee bit awkward at their very best. It’s the nature of the beast. When you’re doing a new thing you’re learning and making mistakes. Installing a metal roof is a dangerous beast to tame. If you get distracted by more important projects in the middle of the installation, you may mess up 50 years of roofing.

Thirty years from now, you probably don’t want to be regretting that chimney flashing debacle. Don’t settle for “okay-looking” and “mostly installed correctly.” Sometimes, it’s worth calling the professionals.

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