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Siding Side Eye: How to Pick the Best Vinyl Siding for Your Home

Have you been giving the outside of your home the side-eye lately? Want to spruce it up with vinyl siding?

There are a lot of things to considering when dressing up the outside of your home. The most important is “How will the vinyl siding look on my home when it is all done?”

You don’t have to wonder and guess and dream anymore. We have an amazing program that can show you how your house will look with different types of vinyl siding in all kinds of colors, designs, patterns, and textures. Wow!

Technology sure is helpful sometimes.

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How Does Vinyl Siding Technology Work?

It’s a snap! One of our siding pros will come to your house and take several pictures of the outside your house from different angles. We even have drones for this. Then we will upload your pics into our software and it’s play time!

Note: During this critical time of social distancing, we can provide you this service with safe, no-contact protocol.

Here is an example from our program. Pretty cool, huh?

Other Things to Consider When Selecting Vinyl Siding

Besides the aesthetics of your new vinyl siding, there are a few other crucial things to consider. Our siding experts can walk you through the various choices that will affect durability and pricing.

At Weather Vane, we prefer to use Norandex™ vinyl siding because it can withstand our harsh and unpredictable Michigan winters. There are also a lot of options with this brand that can fit homes and budgets of all sizes.

For more information on this brand and options click here.

What’s Next?

Stop giving your house dirty looks and start loving the way it looks again!

We’d be happy to come out and take pictures and give you access to our super cool software so you can play around with options. We can walk you through the options and costs so you can make the decision to install your siding yourself or have us help you.

Even if you don’t end up going with our estimate, we are happy to help you with the decision making process.

About Weather Vane Roofing

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