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Total House Protection Coming to Your Yard

Our total house protection system is cutting-edge technology meant to protect your house, siding, and your landscaping during roof removal. We’re always trying to make our customer’s experience better. One of the most difficult challenges in roofing is clean-up. Siding dings and nails in the yard can be frustrating, but with our innovative new systems, removing old roofing is tidy and efficient.

What is our Total House Protection System?

 Most roofers use tarps to catch nails and stray shingles. We’ve invested in the only product out there that is specifically designed to protect siding and valuable landscaping. It’s the Catch-All System, engineered to be a safe and effective solution to protecting your house. It even lets in light to your plants while roofers are working.

We combine the Catch-All systems with our lift system to create our Total House Protection. By using a lift to lower and raise materials we can make sure that materials are getting up and down from the ground in a safe and effective manner. Our goal is to make sure that every job we do is effective, efficient, and of the best quality.

How it Works

Taking the shingles off a house is a messy business. Shingles, nails, and other debris need to be removed, gotten down to the ground level, and disposed of. Usually, roofers protect the house with blue tarps and plywood. While that catches most of the debris holes and gaps in the tarps can allow for nails and other small items to fall through or damage siding.

Our advanced Total House Protection system eliminates those problems with an easy up and down solution. Our new Catch-All system uses padded poles that are set against your siding. Then we attach a strong and lightweight netting to the poles which covers your siding. Next we attach a netting apron that stretches out along the ground to protect your lawn and your landscaping. It takes between 15 and 20 minutes to set up making sure our work for you is safe, effective, and there’s no time wasted in getting to the work of roofing your house.

Total House Protection, shows a meme that says one in three people will get shingles in their lifetime with a background of roofers taking off an old roof.

We decided to ask the people who answer questions when someone finds a nail in their yard to help us out and try our new system in this awesome video:

Only the Best for Our Customers

Getting all the shingles off a roof and into a container without making a mess is a difficult task.   We went to the national roofing convention this February with the goal of making sure we had only the best tools, technology, and knowledge to help our customers. We came back with the best system available for your home.

These new products will make your experience with getting a new roof better and cleaner than ever. We brought them home and are implementing them so that all our teams are trained and ready to use our Total House Protection System.

We want to make sure your experience with putting a new roof on your home is the best you’ve ever had.

Contact us now to get an estimate on your home roof. We’re here to transform your experience with roofing.

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