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What do Roofers do in the Winter?

Roofing in the winter is a little like Christmas in July. It’s just a little bit backward sounding. We like to say we sharpen our tools during the winter. There’s still a great deal that goes on for our roofing teams, even in the winter.

Installation and Snow Removal

Though you might not know it, some roofing products can be installed during the wintertime. Synthetic roofing, metal roofing, and some shingle roofing products can be installed even in the cold.  We also provide removal of roof snow if the snow is over 6 inches deep.

Roofing Training During Winter

Weather Vane Roofing has five to six crews installing roofs during prime roofing season. That’s a lot of people installing a lot of roofs. During the winter season, we all come together to make sure we’re on the same page and our roofing installations are consistent and correct.

We have a warehouse where we do intensive training for our roofing products including asphalt and metal roofs. Training allows for every installation to be spot on and makes sure that every roofer knows exactly what to do. 

Two to three times a week we go through new products, new manufacturers, and review any specifications so we are always up to date on the latest information.

In February we attend the national roofing trade convention. We go to other sessions around the country, including a recent trip to Orlando for training. By staying up to date on the latest materials, methods, and ideas we can pass on that knowledge to our clients, and make sure our roofs are the best they can possibly be.


Not only do we put ourselves back into roofing school every winter, we even have to pass tests. We partner with shingle manufacturers who require our crews to pass certifications. This means that every installation is done by certified roofers using roofing products correctly and effectively.

We also certify through The National Roofing Contractors Association steep roof certification and trainers certification for certified roofing installers. All this means that our customers can depend on us to provide the best service possible, every single time.  

Roofing Tools

We want to make sure our teams also know how to take care of our equipment. That means repair, painting, and acquiring new tools that will help us be the best roofers we can be. This year we have a new lift that will assist with getting equipment and people up and down safely and securely. We also have a new fine netting system to protect valuable landscaping during the process.

Roofing inherently has a lot of debris. Usually, we use tarps around the house to catch it all, but this can damage plants during longer installations. Our fine netting system with poles creates better protection for landscaping, making sure the transition is smooth and easy for our clients.

Roofing in Winter is Surprisingly Busy

Winter is our slow season, but it doesn’t mean we’re slowing down. We’re always developing new systems, implementing feedback, improving training, and making sure our products are the best available. After we get all that done, we do get a little rest in too.

Our goal is to dominate the details so that every installation is beautiful, professional, and easy for our clients. Winter is the time when we bring it all back home to ensure our products and services are the best they can be.

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