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Common Roof Problems

Are Your Roof Problems Big or Small? Let Weather Vane Experts Help You Make the Call. 

The sad truth for most homes is that common roof problem aren’t noticed until the forecasted rain is falling in your kitchen instead of rolling off the shingles. Suddenly the delectable dinner you planned is canceled so your pots can collect puddles, and you’re ordering pizza while deciding which 401K you should use to replace your roof. 

But what if there was a way to spare your savings, and your cookware, and stop tragedy in its tracks? Much like many other areas in life, your roof sends you signals before it crumbles into a financial mess of repairs and replacement. By learning how to diagnose a case of bad shingles, and how to treat it, you can save time and money.

So what are the warning signs of the most common roof problems?

Roof Problems Sign #1: The Stain of Mysterious Origin

This often overlooked red flag can save your roof and your sanity. When water stains appear on your walls and/or ceiling, it often indicates a leak somewhere in your roof, which is a small issue that can lead to big problems. 

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Roof Problems Sign #2: Peeling Like a Sunburn

Another early indicator of minor roof damage is paint peeling. You would most likely see this peeling occurring at the roofline due to extra moisture or poor ventilation. Much like a leak, this is a small problem that can quickly devolve into a bigger one. 

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Roof Problems Sign #3: Curling Like a Christmas Ribbon

Roof shingles are not immortal. Depending on your type of roof, you can expect a 20-30 year lifespan. When your shingles are nearing retirement age they’ll let you know by beginning to curl. 

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Roof Problems Sign #4: Attic Abandonment

Despite what most horror movies might have you believe, you should not avoid the attic in your home. A routine visit to the rafters can provide crucial clues to your roof’s health and any possible damage. Signs of leaks, sagging rafters, and much more can be spotted early in your attic. 

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Next Steps

When one of these early warning signs appears, what should your next step be? You don’t need to go to Defcon One or flee the country to avoid roof replacement bills. In fact, all of the signs above can save you from losing the roof over your head. 

At the first sight of any of these warning signs, or any house hint that gives you the feeling that something is amiss, call the professionals. Requesting a free roofing estimate from Weather Vane Roofing allows you to get the opinion of the experts, and make minor repairs before they become major issues.  

The Big Reveal

Weather Vane uses modern technology and proven techniques to repair roofs whenever possible before replacing them. Our use of drones helps us diagnose your roof problems efficiently and accurately while ensuring minimal disturbance to your routine, and additional technologies enable us to work quickly to solve your problems. 

The expert technicians use all of the most up to date technologies at their disposal to ensure we only recommend work that is necessary to improve the comfort of your home and the safety of your roof. We won’t try to sell you something you don’t need, and will always give an honest estimate on what should be done to keep your roof in perfect condition. 

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