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High-Performance Roofing and Siding Products in Michigan

Weather Vane Roofing takes pride in offering a decent selection of high-performance roofing and siding products to our Lansing, Howell, and Owosso area customers. Whether you’re interested in asphalt, rubber, or steel roofing, we offer quality shingles and roofing materials from many of the industry’s leading brands, many of which are backed by impressive warranties on materials and labor for your peace of mind.

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Shingles are by far the most common type of residential roofing applied today. But did you know that shingles can vary drastically, not only in price, but more importantly how long they are expected to last. We will take the time to show you the benefits of different shingles including Asphalt, Modified SBS asphalt, rubber and Steel shingles to make sure you're getting the roof that you need. 

Weather Vane Roofing provides choices to suit all budgets. Whether you choose asphalt, rubber, or steel shingles, you won’t be disappointed.



Did you know that siding typically does not fail. What do we mean by this?

Unlike a roof, the siding on your home will most likely NOT fail in a way that leads to weather infiltration. You aren’t likely to experience catastrophic damage to your home through your siding. 

Homeowners typically replace their siding because it is either showing its age and needs an update or the homeowner wants a specific new look for their home. Either way, a siding project usually comes down to aesthetic reasons only. That’s good news!

Choosing the right siding for your home can depend on a lot of factors, including but not limited to:

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The key to your siding project is making sure you get the look you want and that the correct installation methods are used.



Vinyl siding is probably the most commonly used type today due to its affordability and attractiveness. Here are a few of the many benefits modern vinyl siding has to offer homeowners.



How water is moved off of the roof and where we place the water is the most important feature of any gutter system. Each Weather Vane Gutter system is designed specifically for your property in mind.  We take into account the volume of water going into each gutter and each downspout and recommend a proper gutter size and downspout capacity. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of overflow during even the worst rainstorms.

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Weather Vane Roofing Exclusive Risk-Free Guarantees

Weather Vane Roofing offers exclusive risk-free guarantees for most of the work we do.
On complete roofing and siding jobs receive a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.
Smaller jabs may have as much as a 10-year workmanship guarantee.

A revolutionary offer from Weather Vane Roofing on most Roofing Repairs:

If you decide to replace your roof within one year of this repair we will deduct the price of this repair, up to $1,000, from the price of your new, Weather Vane Roofing installed, roofing system.
*Check with your estimator for the exact guarantees we can offer for your project.


Usually the first step is to determine how much life the shingles on your roof have left in them. Sometimes re-flashing a chimney or re-shingleing a valley can add another 5-15 years to your roofing system. Sometimes the shingles are so brittle and the fiberglass mat is exposed and a repair just isnt possible. Having a professional roof inspection done to determine which option is best for your home would be recommended.

No, this is a common misconception. While the steel panels may have a longer lifespan, the material and labor costs are approximately 3X greater than a quality asphalt shingle.


Metal roof warranties are basically written to cover the paint finish on the steel, and range from 10-45 years depending on the manufacturer.

We do a number of things to protect your home during a roof replacement project. We use a "catch all" tarping system to protect your siding, windows, and landscaping from falling debris during the project. We also have roofing buggies that can lift up to the edge of some roofs to help catch debris before it ever hits the ground. Protecting your home and keeping your property clean during your project is of the utmost importance to our company.

The cost of a new roof varies drastically depending on the size, difficulty, and the product being installed. A good ballpark average would be between $8k and $15k for standard material and an average size home.

That various from city to city, or township to township. We are certain to check all local codes and permit requirements in all municipalities within our coverage area.

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