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How to Know When Your Porch Needs a New Roof

Sometimes a whole roof replacement isn’t necessary and only the porch roof needs to be refurbished to fix a problem or to beautify the house.

Here are some reasons:  

1. It’s been damaged. There are many ways a porch roof can be damaged.

2. Improper removal of ice – Living in Michigan, it’s not unusual for our homes to transform into igloos by accumulating ice on them. Improper removal of this ice on a porch, where it is prone to develop, can cause damage that will require a new porch roof.    

3. High winds – The speed and power of high winds often cause tree branches to break and fall on our porch roofs causing damage that needs replacement or repair.

4. Shingles are missing, flapping or curling

Those storms or high winds can blow like the Big Bad Wolf and dislodge shingles, either single or whole portions, leaving bare spots. Or they may not dislodge completely and just be flapping when the adhesive comes off some of the shingles. In this case, being semi-unattached would not be providing the intended protection from the elements.

Your shingles could curl up like the wicked Witch of the West’s shoes, due to age or extreme heat over the years, or improper ventilation.

5. It’s leaking!  

Niagara Falls has come to you!  Damage is revealed even with a little drip or leak indicating the roof needs to be repaired or replaced. 

6. Curb Appeal – Bring some new blood to the block! 

Your home needs a facelift!  Replacing your front porch roof with a material different from the main roof will give your house a new, spruced-up look and add some character to it.   

If you are thinking of or need to replace your porch roof, give us a call. We’d be happy to go over the options with you!  

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