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Installing a Skylight: Pro Tips

Installing a skylight is a great way to add natural light to a room. However, there are a lot of things that can go wrong when you start cutting holes in your roof. If you don’t want to tackle this yourself, call the experts at Weather Vane.

ProTip: Sun Tubes are a good alternative to skylights: They are also called light tubes, solar tubes, or tubular daylighting devices (TDDs). They often look like recessed light fixtures. Sun tubes don’t transmit as much light as a skylight or window, but they will help reduce electricity costs. Plus, it’s fun to tell your friends you have a “sun tube”.

Installing a Skylight
Installing a Skylight

Pro Tip# 1: Good Quality

Installing a skylight is a huge job. If you are going to go through all that effort, choose high-end quality products. Some things to consider are:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Water tightness
  • Sound reduction
  • Load and wind resistance
  • Shading
  • UV coatings
  • Ventilation
  • Sustainable materials

We feel this picture speaks for itself. We will just leave this right here for you to see what you should NOT do.

Installing a Skylight

Pro Tip # 2: Choose the Right Placement

A well-placed skylight can provide much-needed natural light and help you save on electricity. Plus, there are so many cool designs that will enhance the inside of your home. However, you can’t just put it anywhere you like. You have to consider the placement of your home’s rafters. If you have a blueprint handy, even better!

Installing a Skylight

Do you think this skylight-type window is really doing anything for the house?

Installing a Skylight

Pro Tip #3: Determine Your Slope

The slope of your roof will determine the flashing you need for your skylight. There are numerous flashing kits out there that are specific to different roof pitches. Make sure you have all the specs before you buy everything you need.

Installing a Skylight

Pro Tip # 4: Start From the Inside

Follow these steps to make your life easier so you can locate the skylight opening on the outside.

  • Mark a box outline for the skylight
  • Remove the interior sheathing
  • Drive four nails or screws in the corners of the box outline

Pro Tip # 5: Remove the Shingles Before You Start Cutting

Remove the full sheet of shingles from your roof until your marked opening is exposed.

Installing a Skylight

Pro Tip # 6: Waterproof the Flashing

You can buy waterproof flashing that attaches to the flashing that comes in the kit you picked out. This is essential for diverting water and ice flow away from your opening. The number one complaint about skylights is leaking, but if you install it properly and don’t skip this step, you can avoid a leaky skylight.

Pro Tip # 7: Add Extra Drywall and Insulation

If you add a little drywall and insulation it will reduce condensation. Plus, this will make it look nicer from the inside. Now that you have more light coming it, your ceiling will be more prominent.

Installing a Skylight

Ready to Install a Skylight?

Do you feel ready to let the light in? Do you know what type of skylight you want? Do you want help?

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