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The Benefits of Steel Roofing

Steel roofing is a great alternative to your standard asphalt shingle roofing. It’s reliable, long-lasting, and money-saving in the long run. It looks wonderful in both modern and traditional style homes and comes in a wide array of colors to coordinate with your home.

Steel Roofing Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking

It’s impervious to mosses, lichens, and fungus. Metal roofing doesn’t provide a good material for plants or fungus to attach to, so it keeps its smooth and clean appearance.

It’s also totally critter proof. If you’ve ever had to have an exterminator in, you know how the tiniest crevices in your home can create an opening for squirrels, raccoons, and our other friends of nature to take up unpaid residence in your home. Steel roofing makes sure your house has it’s lid on tight.

When winter comes you’ll be glad of your metal roof too. They easily shed ice and snow, because of the low coefficient of friction. To say it simply, there’s nothing for the snow to stick to on such a smooth surface. Here in Michigan, that can save a lot of dangerous and backbreaking winter work.

A Steel Roof Makes Your House Safer

One of the best things about steel roofing is that it’s fire-resistant. They have a “Class A” fire-retardant rating and are the most fire-resistant roof on the market. Not only can it protect your house from fire, but it can also lower your insurance premiums.

Metal roofing is also lightweight on your house, putting less strain on internal structures, decreasing the possibility of buckling or damage.

Steel Roofing Saves You Time and Money

Saving energy is a watchword of modern homes. Metal roofing is one component of a plan to make your home low energy and sustainable. Metal roofing redirects the sun’s heat through a process called solar reflection. Like a sunshade for your car, it reflects the sun’s heat away from your home passively. That means your summer cooling bills will be much cooler too.

Steel Roofing can last three times as long as asphalt roofing, which means that you won’t have to keep redoing your home’s roof. Not only that, it means you can just permanently cross that to-do off your checklist. Our days are busy and time is money. Metal roofing is a one time and done kind of plan.

steel roofing. Close up image of rust red colored steel roof panels

After Installing Steel Roofing You’re Done Dealing With Redoing Your Roof

Metal roofing is often called a “Lifetime Installation” because it will last a lifetime. Steel and aluminum roofs can last for more than 50 years. Steel roofing is an investment in your peace of mind. No more messy shingle removal, no more laying on of layer after layer of roofing, no more surprising discoveries when you learn that the shingles started cracking. Just the ease of knowing it’s all done and taken care of. Let your grandkids worry about the rest.

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