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The Equipter Protects Your Property During Roof Replacement

Everyone can use a fairy godmother, even your roof!

So you are having your roof replaced! Congrats!  Are you worried about your beautiful flower beds, gorgeous grass, and other landscape features around your yard taking a hit? This can be a real issue as roofs are ripped off and the old wood, shingles, underlayment, and nails are tossed onto the ground below and next to the house. It’s not uncommon for them to end up on top of flowers, shrubs, and lawns.

Roofing Technology

It’s important to us here at Weather Vane Roofing not to make a mess such as this on your property or damage anything while we re-create and enhance your home by updating your roof.

However, while we can do some amazing work on top of your house, we aren’t Puff the Magic Dragon so we can’t remove your roof and make the debris disappear with one blow, BUT we can come close! Introducing … the Equipter, a piece of equipment we use that innovates debris removal with speed and efficiency. Making it easier, cleaner and safer to take the debris away while minimizing potential damage to other areas of your property.

We pull the Equipter container up as close as we can to your house and as high as we can to your roof so we can easily slide all that old roof material right into it to haul away in bulk. This minimizes the back and forth on your lawn, too… We don’t want to carve a trail in your yard by making a gazillion trips with wheelbarrows full of discarded roofing material to the dumpster in the street or driveway. With fewer trips, less potential damage results.

Protects Our Roofers too!

Also, using the Equipter is safer for possible human injury after the job site is cleaned up and everything is cleared away. No matter how thorough cleanup is, small pieces of wood and a nail or two manage to conceal themselves in the yard, reappearing at a later date as splinters or puncture wounds in soft feet as you or your guests frolic in the green grass of a Michigan summer. No one wants this to happen!

The Equipter minimizes these incidents! That’s why we have our own so when we replace your roof we can make what we tear off disappear as magically as possible!  

Total House Protection System, too!

And we take it one step further! We also use our Total House Protection system. This Catch-All netting is set against your siding with padded poles to capture anything that may not make its way into the Equipter container. It shields your house and property better than a traditional tarp because it won’t get tears or cuts that would allow nails and other small debris to escape through.  We really do want you to run barefoot and carefree through your yard!  

When Weather Vane roofers are finished, your yard looks spruced up and beautiful, not torn apart and disheveled with trampled flowers, broken tree limbs, and debris scattered all over! 

When you are ready to have your roof replaced, give us a call and we’ll be over with our Equipter! When we leave, the only evidence you’ll have that we were there is a remarkable new roof!   

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