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Cleaning Your Roof

Have you ever thought about cleaning your roof?

Most of us spend time keeping the inside of our homes clean on a regular basis. We also notice when our windows and siding need attention. Your roof might not be so top-of-mind even though it sits on top of your house.

Shiny, sparkling shingles look great from the curb. However, there are a few really important reasons for cleaning your roof that go beyond keeping up appearances.

Reasons for Cleaning Your Roof

Your roof is protecting your house and everything in it, including you, from the elements. It is part of the whole house system that heats and cools the building. Keeping your roof clean extends the life of your roof so you can avoid having to replace too soon.

In order for your roof to do its job, it needs to be cleared of the elements once in a while. This includes:

  • Dirt
  • Sticks, Branches and Leaves
  • Algae
  • Fungus/Lichen
  • Moss

DIRT. Regular rainfall will wash away most dirt from your roof. The rest of the stuff needs a bit more attention.

STICKS, BRANCHES, AND LEAVES. If you have a lot of trees near you house it is good to take note of anything pilling up on your roof at least a couple times a year. Spring and late Fall (before the snow flies) are good times to do this.

cleaning your roof. Roof valley covered in leaves and sticks.

ALGAE. Algae appears on roofs in the form or black or green looking stains and is caused by a bacteria called Gloeocapsa magma. It often forms in dark, moist areas of a roof. The algae spores can be carried by the wind and animals and spread from rooftop to rooftop. So, be a good neighbor and keep your roof clean.

The buildup of Gloeocaspa magma can lead to earlier roof replacements, lower your home’s value, higher insurance rates, and increased utility costs. Black stains on roofs draw in more heat.

How to Clean: The most common cleaning method is to use a low pressure power washer and apply a solution of sodium hypochlorite and copper sulfate. Weather Vane Roofing can provide this service for you.

cleaning your roof. Dirty roof with black stains and leaves all over it.

FUNGUS & LICHENS. Lichens are a combo of fungus and algae and should not be ignored. This symbiotic combo creates root-like tentacles that reach into your roof looking for food. Gross! Once they take hold they can be more difficult to remove, so its important to keep them for growing in the first place.

cleaning your roof. Roof covered in green moss.

MOSS. Moss is a plant that requires a lot of moisture to grow and survive. If you have moss on your roof than you have a drainage issue that also needs to be addressed. It tends to grow in shadier areas and often under low hanging branches. Removal of branches can also really help in preventing the growth of moss.

cleaning your roof. Cartoon of leprechauns nailing four leaf clovers all over a roof.

Things You Can Do To Keep Your Roof Clean

As a homeowner there are few things you can do to help keep you roof clean and prolong the life of your roof.

Does your roof need cleaning?

Call Weather Vane Roofing today to schedule a free estimate and to talk about your options. We’ll fly our drones over your house and check what you have going on up there.

Our cleaning methods are powerful enough to clean way tough stains and growth, but gentle enough to preserve your shingles and roof. We’ve seen the damage that homeowners have done blasting away at their roof with a power washer. We can fix those problems too!

Keep your roof in tip-top shape so it lasts a long time. We’ll help you clean it and fix it so you don’t have to replace it too soon.

About Weather Vane Roofing

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