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How to Get Your Roof Ready For Winter

Winter is Coming!

Michigan winters might not bring the White Walkers down from the north to lay waste to the landscape, but winter storms can lay waste to your roof. Here’s how to get your roof ready for winter and this year’s coming storms.

First, Assess Your Roof

The first step is to visually assess your roof. You can do this from the ground and using ladders.

  • Does it need repair or replacement?
  • Are the gutters all in place?
  • Were there any leaky spots or ice dams last year?

Those are areas to take a look at now, before another year of damage sets in.

Examine the shingles, and make sure they aren’t loose or curled. Look at where they connect to the edge of the roof. Focus on spots where water could get in or damage may have occurred during the year. If there were hailstorms or high winds, that may damage shingles or gutters.

Check your chimney for cracks and look at the flashing where it meets the roof. You’re also going to want to look at roof valleys and the framework of your house. If it looks saggy or seems soft you may need repairs.

Then Do Some Maintenance to Get Your Roof Ready for Winter

On the Outside:

  • Clean the gutters
  • Repair any sagging or bent gutters
  • Clear debris off your roof
  • Repair flashing
  • Replace worn sealants on antennas, brick stacks, or other roof protrusions

On the Inside:

  • Check your attic.
  • Look for water damage in your attic and ceilings.
  • Look for small pests that may be living rent free under your roof.
  • Add insulation if it’s needed, especially if you had ice dams last year.

When It’s Time to Call in the Calvary

Sometimes even House Stark needs a little help. If getting through this list is overwhelming, or you’re concerned that your roof needs repairs, it’s time for a professional assessment.

When we do a roof assessment, we use the latest tech to make sure we get a clear image of what’s happening with your home. Our inspectors use drones to see what’s happening in hard to reach spots. We take a ton of pictures with our go-pro so that you can see what’s happening too.

We work hard to show you what is needed and why it’s needed so that our roofing estimate is honest, clear, and works for your needs as well as the needs of your house.

Contact us now for a roof assessment.

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