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Drone Roof Inspections: The Cutting Edge

Drone Roof Inspections use the latest technology and visual tools to give you the most accurate assessment of your roof.

Add a GoPro Camera and satellite imaging and you get a perfect x-ray and inspection of every inch of your roof’s footprint.

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Weather Vane Roofing uses all three of these technology tools, plus a digital camera. Our roof inspectors have a keen eye to spot common and unique roof issues. There are several reasons we think the combination of technology and our own expertise makes for the best inspection.

We want to provide the home owner with all the information they need to make an informed decision. A new roof is a big investment, and many times we can repair damaged areas and extend the life of the roof. We will not sell you a roof if you don’t need one yet. We know you’ll call us when you do.

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Top Reasons for Drone Roof Inspections

Technology is cool and we have fun flying drones, but there are very important reasons why we choose this type of technology.

#1. Contactless Inspections

For most types of initial roof inspections, we can use our drones without having to climb up on your roof. This allows us to perform the inspection with minimal to no contact with the homeowner. You don’t have to be home, or can stay inside your home while we conduct the inspection.

We can email you the videos, the write up of our findings, and the quote and discuss it over the phone. This contactless inspection process allows us and you to be flexible with the inspection time, but also allows us to adhere to current social distancing protocols.

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#2. Homeowners Can See What We See

We compile all of our drone and GoPro footage into a presentation for the homeowner. This allows you to view it as you like, ask questions, and make decisions without going up on your roof.

It also give you peace of mind and the ability to verify what our inspectors recommend for repairs and replacement.

#3. Proof for Insurance Companies

If your roof has been damaged due to hail, trees, or other reasons, we will come out and use our technology to provide visual proof for your insurance company. This makes submitting a claim quick and easy.

Additional Roof Inspection Practices

Typically, we use our drones to conduct the initial inspection, especially if you aren’t home and we don’t have access to get on the roof. In a lot of cases, we can see everything we need in order to provide a detailed and accurate quote. However, depending on what we find, there are times when we will need to get on the roof to use our GoPros and digital camera to give the full report. It just depends on the situation.

If your roof is getting older (15 – 20 years), or you have damage, and you would like an evaluation and assessment, contact Weather Vane Roofing today and we will come out and show you what we can see with our technology.

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