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Holiday Lights

Amazing Holiday Lights

HO! HO! HO! The holidays are here!  Time to dazzle the neighborhood by transforming your house into an amazing holiday light display!

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How To Properly Set Up a Ladder

While we are in no way encouraging you to get up on a ladder, especially to get onto your roof, […]

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Roofing Questions…You Asked, We Answered

Homeowners and roofing questions go hand in hand. The roof is one of the most important aspects of your home. […]

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Common Problems with Roof Supports

Before installing a roof, it needs a solid base. Here are common problems with roof supports Weathervane looks for at an initial assessment.

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Should you repair, patch, or replace your roof?  

Three things determine if you should repair, patch, or replace your roof. Discover what your roof will need in 2023.

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Terrible Ways to Fix a Roof – Dumb Things People Do

There are some truly TERRIBLE ways to Fix a Roof. We get it. Roof repair is not something people look […]

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