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living roofs

Are Living Roofs a Good Idea?

Are Living Roofs a good idea? This article describes what a living roof is and the key attributes, benefits and drawbacks of them.

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Clean Your Roof

Do You Need to Clean Your Roof?

This article gives examples of why and why you may not need to clean your roof and explains what Roof Maxx is and what it does for your roof.

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Solar Panel Installation

Get Your Roof Ready For Solar Panel Installation

Adding solar panels to your house? This blog post gives some basic tips and to-dos to get your roof ready for solar panel installation.

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Leaking Chimney

 Leaking Chimney: Tips From a Professional Roofer

This article identifies some signs of damage from a leaking chimney and suggests ways to remedy the problems or damage.

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transfer a roof warranty

How to Transfer a Roof Warranty

For people buying or selling a home, this post explains the eligibility requirements and how to transfer a roof warranty of one of our roofs.

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Roof Pitch

What is the Best Roof Pitch For Snow? 

This post explains why a flat roof pitch is not ideal for snowy climates and offers suggestion on the type of roofs that are best.  

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