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Chimney Repairs: How Healthy is Your Chimney?

Chimney repairs are an important part of your house maintenance schedule. Now is the time to inspect your chimney from the top to the bottom to look for signs of damage indicating you may need to do some work on your chimney. This is a case where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Chimney Repairs Have Warning Signs


Look for rust streaks around the top of your chimney. This means moisture is getting into your chimney, rather than being kept out as it should be. Chimneys are for fire, not water!

White Staining

The masonry and brick can get a white appearance on it which also indicates moisture is collecting. Any time you have moisture in a chimney, you have damage happening, which means chimney repairs might need to be made.

the base of the chimney on a house


This is what it’s called when pieces of the chimney tile is starting to fall down into the fireplace. It indicates tiles that must be replaced.

Chimney Crown Damage

The chimney crown is the top of the chimney. It can break and get cracks. There are sealant products you can use for some smaller cracks, but if it gets to be too much, your chimney may need some masonry help.

Chimney Apron Flashing Damage

Another place that chimney repair may need to be done is where the chimney meets the roof. The metal flashing that goes all around the chimney base can get damaged and the sealant can wear away, leaving your roof and your chimney open to damage.

chimney side crack opening with poor sealant application

Breaking and Cracking Mortar

Mortar between the bricks can fall out or get damaged. This needs to be repaired. It can let moisture in, but it can also mean that there is another problem, which is already letting moisture in. As the water freezes with cold weather, it can pop the mortar out.

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Chimneys Need Checkups

Even if you don’t see anything to be concerned about it’s important to have an annual professional inspection for damage you may not have noticed. As wonderful as a winter evening by the fire is, you want your fire to stay in the fireplace. Chimney fires can happen when the tiles are cracked, water has seeped in, mortar is damaged, or rust has occurred and exposed vital areas.

Water is the enemy of your fireplace and chimney. As you’ve seen, there are a number of places that water can get in. All of these areas need to be checked and secure. Yearly inspections after winter thaw and freeze cycles can catch new cracks or damage.

The spring and summer are a great time to get inspections and chimney repairs done, so that when the cold weather comes you’re ready to enjoy cozy winter fires in the fireplace while the snow flies outside.

If you don’t want to climb up on your roof to inspect, we can use our drones to take detailed footage. Then we can review it safely on the ground and see if your chimney needs any repairs. Give us a call today!

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