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Leaking Chimney: Tips From a Professional Roofer

Uh, oh! What’s that up on the ceiling? A dirty water spot near the chimney! That likely didn’t just magically appear. Oh, no! It’s more likely the result of a leaking chimney!

What should you do?  Tip number one … Get some professional advice. Call a licensed roofing company for a roof inspection to identify the real problem.

A roof inspection involves taking a close look at the condition of the roof with special attention to certain areas around the chimney. At Weather Vane, we get it straight from the source. Our drones fly above your roof to capture some good video footage. Or we climb up there with our own two feet to take a look.  

Here’s what we look for …

Some possible causes of a leaking chimney:

  • Decay of the mortar around bricks can lead to cracks that allow moisture to penetrate. Also, freezing and thawing can lead to larger open spaces or the mortar falling out altogether.
  • Flashing around the base of the chimney becomes loose. The flashing is there to keep water out and direct it away from the chimney to roll down the shingles and off the roof. If it’s loose then the water can seep underneath, collect and cause water damage, mold, and decay.  

Here’s what we might do …

Some possible remedies:

  • A sealant may be used to seal small cracks
  • Masonry work may be needed. If the cracks are too big or mortar is missing, then they will need to be refilled or bricks may need to be replaced.

Why is it important to maintain and repair chimney damage?

  • Interior structure damage to attic beams, drywall, and ceiling may occur.
  • Fire in the fireplace can escape through tiles and start the chimney on fire.
  • Premature aging of the roof.

Check out this video on Weather Vane’s YouTube channel to see one of our team members inspecting a chimney leak, describing the problems, and explaining the repair.

While trouble can hide underneath, it will eventually come out. When it does, Weather Vane will be there for you to fix the problem. Better yet, we are here for you now, BEFORE the problem makes a grand appearance. There’s no time like the present to book an annual inspection. We’ll be a step ahead together by discovering visible signs of possible problems brewing. Give us a call today!

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