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The Right Gutters and Screens for Your House

It’s the rainy season in Michigan and never a better time to check gutters and screens! We all know gutters are an essential part of a house and key to a home’s sustainability as they direct water from rain and melting snow away from the structure. So, do you need a change for the better?

How water disappears from the roof and where it reappears is the most important feature of any gutter system. With this in mind, Weather Vane Gutter systems are designed specifically for your property and its unique attributes.

When developing a plan for your home, we consider the volume of water going into each gutter and each downspout and recommend a proper gutter size and downspout capacity. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of overflow during even monumental rainstorms.

Our technologically advanced gutters are wave makers in the industry by keeping the water AWAY from your house!

Here are the standout features of our gutters. They are:  
  • Made from the thickest strongest aluminum available for a residential gutter system. The .032-thick gutter will better withstand the abuse that gutters go through from thermal expansion, ladders for routine maintenance, or painting or hanging seasonal decorations.
  • Coated on both sides. The outside is painted with Beautiful Duracoat XT-20 Baked-on Polyester over a prime coating and the inside is coated with a clear coating to reduce friction and help your gutter system stay flowing.

Once your gutters have the water streaming in the right direction, the right screen will minimize debris from clogging the system.

What’s the right gutter screen for your gutter? 

Here are three types and what they are best for:
  • Micro Mesh – Large leaf and debris
  • Rooster Gutter Guard – Small debris / Pine Needles / Seed pods
  • Leaf Solution – Tiny Debris / Cottonwood / Pine Needles

Now, at this time, are you ready to get your gutters and screens checked? Call on us to come out! Get in touch with us through our website or by phone at 1-800-517-3214.

About Weather Vane Roofing

We provide roofing, siding, insulation, windows, and gutters. Making your house beautiful and efficient is our main goal. We use the latest in technology and products to provide eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions for your home and business. With locations in Lansing, Owosso, and Brighton/Howell we are Mid-Michigan’s roofing experts. Let us transform your house into a home.

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