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What is the Best Roof Pitch For Snow? 

While a flat roof pitch may hold Santa and his reindeer more steadily, it is not the best choice in a snowy climate for the maintenance and condition of your roof.

We don’t want Santa to go down, but we NEED the ice and snow to slide right off.  So, we’re going to count on Santa and his Christmas magic to keep him up on the housetop and recommend a roof pitch that helps the snow slide right off.  

Why don’t we want snow to accumulate on roofs?  

  • Snow can be HEAVY! And the weight can collapse a roof!
  • So that it doesn’t melt, freeze, melt, freeze … and cause ice dams which can cause damage.

If your roof is flat, there is no chance of the snow sliding off on its own when it starts to melt. On the contrary, when it melts and freezes again, it will become heavier than it was, to begin with, and go through a melt and freeze cycle that causes ice and ice dams.  

What are the best materials for a snowy climate roof? 

  • Metal is number one! It provides an easy slide for snow as it melts and disappears.
  • Asphalt follows as another good choice… not as slippery but still ideal for melting and slipping away to the ground

According to, roof pitch should be at least 10 degrees in locales that get snow so that it easily slides off.

How do you determine roof pitch? Read more on that from Bob Vila’s 6 Important Things to Know About Roof Pitch – Bob Vila.

If your roof needs some personalized attention, give us a call or contact us through our website and we’ll help you get it to a pitch-perfect performance. 

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  1. Working with everyone from the WeatherVane Roofing team has been fantastic. Our roof is truly the finest in the neighborhood. The service was spot on, and the attention to details and to all our questions were as well.
    I may consider composite siding in the future.

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