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clean the siding

How Do I Clean the Siding On My House?

It’s spring, it’s warm, and you’re ready to go on those outdoor chores, but how do you clean the siding […]

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vinyl siding

Siding Side Eye: How to Pick the Best Vinyl Siding for Your Home

Have you been giving the outside of your home the side-eye lately? Want to spruce it up with vinyl siding? […]

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clogged gutters

Clogged Gutters? Here’s What Could Happen

Do you have clogged gutters? It’s not just a matter of watching the rain pour over the sides of your […]

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Gutter System

Replacing Your Outdated and Wrong-Sized Gutter System

Is your gutter system up to the Michigan spring rain challenge? Here’s how to tell.

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Roofing Technology

New Roofing Technology Improves the Customer Experience

Check out the latest cutting edge technology in the roofing industry. Weather Vane is using it all! We get to […]

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types of roofs

Types of Roofs: Choosing the right style for you

Did you even know there are so many types of roofs? Which one do you have?  Even the most dedicated […]

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